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  • PESCO Portable Seed Drill
  • PESCO Portable Seed Drill
  • PESCO Portable Seed Drill
  • PESCO Portable Seed Drill
PESCO Portable Seed DrillPESCO Portable Seed DrillPESCO Portable Seed DrillPESCO Portable Seed Drill

PESCO Portable Seed Drill

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Introduction of PESCO Portable Seed Drill
The function of the PESCO Portable Seed Drill: PESCO Portable Seed Drill is a portable small agricultural machine used in dry fields. Suitable for all crops grown in dry fields. The sowing effect is good. It is a modern, high-tech, and easy-to-operate agricultural machinery product. Optional high-quality gearbox, gasoline engine power. Easy to start, light, and powerful.

Equipment Name:
PESCO Portable Seed Drill
PESCO Single Row Lawn Seed Spreader
PESCO Single Row Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

Model: PESCO101
L*W*H: 1600mm* 650mm* 550mm
The net weight : 50kg
Adjustable speed: first gear 1.8km/H, second gear 2.7km/H
Engine: 170F
Start Mode: Hand Pull Start
Packing Box Size: 1000mm* 300mm* 600mm
Adjustable Sowing Spacing (Fertilizer Spacing): 5-20cm
Adjustable Fertilizer Rate: 182-1,821kg/acre

Since PESCO Portable Seed Drill is an integral plate design and one-shot molding, it is sturdy, durable, and durable. During sowing, there is less dust, so that the gearbox has the function of being dustproof, soil proof, and rainproof and prevents the machine from tangling with grass. Main functions: fertilization, sowing, loosening soil, weeding, ditching, ridge support, soil cultivation, etc.
The diameter of the seed box funnel can be adjusted as required. PESCO Portable Seed Drill can sow sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cotton, corn, wheat, rice, beans, coffee beans, and other granular seeds. Fertilizing and sowing can be done at the same time. The sowing quantity, fertilizing quantity, sowing depth, furrow spacing, and seed spacing can be freely converted and adjusted.

PESCO Portable Seed Drill is equipped with a user-friendly manual throttle design. Added high and low neutral gear, gear shift, and clutch power. This machine has changed the manual sowing mode, directly injecting chemical fertilizer and seeds into the soil at one time, the distance between seeds and chemical fertilizers is about 5 cm, and the chemical fertilizer is 1 cm deeper than the seeds to ensure that the seeds will not be affected or damaged. Compared with traditional manual seeding, the micro seeder has the advantages of neat emergence, labor saving, high efficiency, and labor cost reduction.

Engine: Four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled.




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