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PETROL STEEL CO., LTD is an export-oriented high-tech enterprise with an annual production capacity of 300,000 sets of garden machinery and farming facilities occupying 40% of the domestic market share. PETROL STEEL CO., LTD is located in Beijing. It has been operating in good faith since 2011 and now has the "PESCO" trademark.

1. More than 20 years of production experience.
2. 300,000 units' productivity/year.
3. Well-testing facilities & strong technical force.
4. Excellent customer service & factory direct price.
5. Regular employee traning.
6. Advanced Bussiness Unit.

PETROL STEEL CO., LTD specializes in the design, processing, and sales of various agricultural machinery, agricultural facilities, and agriculture equipment including lawn mowers, grass cutters, garden equipment, ditch-digging machine, trench machine, trenchers, farming equipment, seeders, rotary tillers, cultivators, fertilizing machine, intertillage fertilizer applicator, manure applicator, land conditioner, harvesters, reaper, reaping machine, woodcutters, cutting machines, garden shredders, agricultural shredder, garden wood chippers, lawn levelers, lawn maintenance machines, weed harvester, herbal harvester, forage harvesters, etc.

Our agricultural machinery and equipment series products have the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, and improved production efficiency.

PETROL STEEL CO., LTD uses modern design concepts, modular design, and overall splicing, which reduces the post-maintenance cost and reduces the frame's stress and deformation caused by partial welding. Our company's design, processing, and production step have been strictly inspected. During the design process, we actively communicate with customers repeatedly to ensure the details of every step in the design process.

All PESCO equipment and machines are equipped with upgraded engines for more power, lower emission levels, and lower fuel composition. Quick and easy to start and stop controls.

China Office
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China Factory
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Tel.:+86 134 3633 4453
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Tel:+86 10 8599 9168

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Add:Cangzhou Economic Development Zone, Hebei, China.